Immigrants send billions of dollars home every year - mostly through money transfer companies - but money transfer options are very difficult to compare due to constantly changing costs.

Remás uses web and mobile technology to improve the financial options of immigrants in the US. Our free website, mobile apps, and text message tool will equip users to compare money transfer costs, save on fees and send more home. We also show users their options for opening a bank account, giving them tools to improve their financial well-being and send money at a lower cost.

By improving everyone's access to information about financial options, we create a ripple effect: immigrants, their families, and communities here and abroad are all better off.

Remás works to ensure sending money home:
  • happens at a fair price
  • is a transparent process
  • is an entry point for participating in the mainstream financial system
Through our pilot program launching in 2013, immigrants will:
  • pay lower money transfer fees, save money, and achieve greater financial stability
  • connect to banks and credit unions in the US
  • have access to expanded financial options, leading to more opportunities to thrive as new Americans
A start-up nonprofit, Remás is a partner organization of the Fund for the City of New York.